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My son completed a service this morning for a client that inquired through our website. (We have, among other things, a pressure washing business). On the original web form the client filled out he said that he found us through the internet.
In conversation though, he said that he had received a “handful” of postcards over the years and when he went online, he recognized us right away and knew that we were the ones he was looking for.

Tim Fields

Owner, Power Wash

“I love these, I am senior citizen with a limited budget. I look forward to these, they are easy to read, don’t have to flip through pages to see what is there.”

Card Recipient

“I got people bringing these in today (mind you this is at 12:30 pm Saturday and I was told these were dropped off at the post office at 6:00 pm on Friday). I like it. It has a nice presentation, it gets notices, not stuffed in the paper.”

Bill Johnson

Business Owner

“I love the presentation. It looks great and it works! Not all direct mail works.”

Ron Whitlock

Business Owner

Call In:

“There are things that I get in the mail that I want to throw away, this is pretty cool I wanted to keep this. Whoever designed this piece should be given a bonus.”

Card Recipient

We were receiving two to four coupons per day almost the next day off mailing for our bogo pizza offer and still coming in three weeks after making.


Owner, Frankies Pizza in Miami FL

Magic_Deals_9x12_Front   Magic_Deals_9x12_Back

Local Marketing Co-op Ad

What you will receive:

  • Ad space in our 9” x 12” Giant Billboard Blitz Co Op  Postcard mailer that will be sent to up to 10,000 homes (see specific areas below for details)
  • Ad Design
  • Printing on 9″ x 12″ Glossy Stock
  • Postage delivered to up to 10,000 homes   

Small – 3″x1.875″ $297

Medium 1 – 4″x2″ (left column) $397

Medium 2 – 3.5″x2.5″ (along the top) $397

Large – 4″x3″ $497

XL – 4″ x 4″ $597

2XL – 8″ x 2.5″ $697

3XL – 7″ x 4″ $845

Super 8.75″ x 4  $1297

Giant – 9″ x 12″ $2,997

Location – Due Date and Mail Date

High Plains Local 5 ASAP – I70 Corridor Sept. 28th